K-9 Cart Dog Wheelchairs


K-9 Cart Dog Wheelchairs

Our K-9 Cart dog wheelchairs are unlike any other dog wheelchair on the market. Outstanding features of our dog wheelchairs include:
  • Updated patented design dog wheelchair based on 45+ years of experience.
  • Each dog wheelchair is custom-made for your pet.
  • Adjustable for the size of your pet.
  • Extremely light-weight dog wheelchair for ease of use by any size pet.
  • Precision machined plastic parts - strong but light.
  • Foam-filled wheels that are lightweight and will not go flat.
  • Mechanically balanced to prevent undue stress on joints and limbs.
  • K-9 Cart Dog Wheelchair Close-Up
  • Designed to accommodate both rehabilitation and disabilities.
  • Simple conversion from walking to rearlimb sling support when necessary.
  • Front, rear, or four wheel support designs to meet almost every disability.
  • Designed for conversion from two- to four-wheeled carts for progressive disabilities.
  • Ability to urinate and defecate while in cart.
  • The only dog wheelchair on the market sold and designed by a veterinarian.
  • Unparalleled customer service for each custom K-9 Cart dog wheelchair sold!

With the aid of a K-9 cart, your paraplegic animal is able to walk and run again allowing a more normal life.

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